School Fundraising Program

We know times are tough at the moment for everyone and it is hard to find funding for anything new in schools.  We would like to help out your School, the local community and the planet by raising awareness about recycling Scrap Metal.  You would really be surprised what can be recycled through us!

Helping your School. We will give to your School, Sports or Computer equipment bought with the Profits from the scrap brought in on the day.

Helping your Community clean up. With your help we can provide a central collection point for your community to bring their scrap to.

Leading up to the collection day at your School we can start off with a little education about metal, where it comes from, what it can be made into and what happens to it when it is thrown out. 

Every student is then invited to go back to their homes, extended family and community to gather unwanted scrap metal items to bring along to the collection day to help raise funds for your School.

To make this a fun and interactive experience for the students, we have come up with some challenges & competitions to tie in with the collection day.

Please email or call us to register your interest.